There is a specific cargo and you need to deliver it to Ukraine:

  1. Leave an application on the site

  2. You are contacted by our representative, find out the details and calculate the cost of the service

  3. You need to register in your account to get the Client Number.

  4. On our site in the Contacts section addresses of warehouses in China are indicated. In Foshan, we accept cargo for all types of transportation.

  5. Send your address to our seller’s address and ‘Customer Number’

  6. The seller must indicate the ‘Customer Number’ on the outer packaging of your cargo

  7. Our warehouse receives cargo, performs measurements and adds accurate information about the cost to the system. Now through the ‘Personal Account’ you see the status of the transfer, the cost of the service and the date of receipt of the goods

  8. Your cargo arrives at our warehouse in Kiev, the manager contacts you to find out the methods of payment and receipt of cargo

Redemption of goods from any Internet sites in China (Taobao, AliBaba,, etc.):

  1. Found the necessary goods on one of the trading platforms of China

  2. Have left a request for a call or an application with a question

  3. Our representative calls back and finds out the necessary information

  4. You send product information to our manager

  5. Our specialist in China, communicates with the seller, receives all the necessary information, we pass it to you for decision-making

  6. You are satisfied with the cost and all the conditions, we make payment for the goods

  7. Then register on the site

  8. In ‘Personal Account’ find out your ‘Customer number’

  9. Now through the ‘Personal Account’ you can track the status of the goods, see the cost of delivery and the date of arrival in Ukraine

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